Monday, January 9, 2012


I am attempting to make a post using the voice recognition is my second attempt is the first time for some reason didn't type anything I guess I wasn't talking or something.

Wow that was amazingly accurate I guess it they have gotten a little bit better with sucks um anyways I find using the of voice recognition a lot easier than actually typing these posts I'm a specially with the boat which is what I am on right now I'll be asleep on a long time is the texas exestential ramblings Kirk well I am driving um I don't have the mad skills like some people out there who can totally text while I drive.

Yeah I guess that last batch wasnt quite as accurate as the first 1. That pretty much answers my question about the accuracy of this. I may have some post using this method Or just leaving east coast as is for the long.

Lol, ya. Not as accurate as I would like. It has gotten better than when I first got this phone, however. The lack of punctuation is pretty funny too... much more accurate to the stream of consciousness that would be pouring out of my head for these posts. As I was trying to say at the end, I may make some more voice posts and leave them as is for the luls.  They also may make more sense than my original stream did :p